Custom Test Automation Software from Cambridge RF

Cambridge RF specialises in software for testing RF and Microwave systems. This generally entails low-level device configuration (synthesiser programming, power-up configuration modes etc.), and a combination of GPIB instrument programming and results processing. We have a toolbox of routines for rapidly creating advanced windows programs. We use Borland Delphi, Agilent Vee, Microsoft C++, etc according to the needs of the requirement.

Below are some screen-shots of projects recently undertaken.

Automated Power Amplifier Characterisation

Set-Top-Box Validation Program

Dynamometer Test System

Radio Propagation Statistical Analysis System

Cable Test and Database program

Transceiver Test Suite

Getting in touch :

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your requirements. Then we'll proceed with the next step of identifying your requirements and producing a proposal for the work to be done, including timescales and costings. Rapidly getting your project under way is what you need and what we do best.

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